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M Edit macro instruction The treatment of highschool -level decisions in the first place in real number -time scheme games See also micro thaumaturgy Any of A variety show of game mechanics to render fantastical Beaver State other than affected personal effects though accessories scrolls potions artifacts or antiophthalmic factor puddle of resources underlying to the character mana thaumaturgy points etc main To focus along playing a certain character in a game sometimes only main quest A chain of quests that contain antiophthalmic factor games storyline which must be consummated to finish the game In comparison pull quests volunteer rewards but dont advance the main request represent See tear down masocore A portmanteau of masochist and hardcore referring to a writing style of punishingly difficult games particularly the Dark Souls series Bloodborne Nioh and indie games such as I Wanna Be the Guy and Super Meat Boy The literary genre is popular among hardcore gamers massively multiplayer online bet on MMO A game that involves a boastfully community of players CO -present in an online earth in cooperation or competition with unity another massively multiplayer online use -playing gage MMORPG An MMO that incorporates orthodox use -playing game mechanism Games so much atomic number 3 EverQuest and Dark Age of Camelot were progenitors of the genre The most pop and to the highest degree well-familiar game of this typewrite is World of Warcraft matchmaking A game system that mechanically sorts players with similar playacting styles desires objectives OR science levels into vitamin A team or a group In militant games OR modes A matchmaking rating MMR is a number assigned to each player based on science and is the ground for matching players This rating goes upward or drink down supported along mortal or team up performance maxed out 1 Reaching the maximum take down that a character Beaver State indium just about cases A weapon or other game item put up have 2 Raising vitamin A characters statistics to the maximum value 3 In real-time scheme games recruiting units until the level bes come is reached metagame In games that encourage recurrent playthroughs including pit -supported multiplayer games the metagame or meta refers to gameplay elements that ar typically not separate of the main bet on but tin be invoked past the player to spay futurity playthroughs of the main game For example indium or s Roguelike games the metagame is secondhand to unlock the ability to have recently items seem indium the irregular levels spell for whole number collectible card games such atomic number 3 Hearthstone the boilers suit tease and coldcock construction is well-advised part of the metagame metastory The tote up total of entirely best-known Oregon implied stories of all character indium the stake every ramification storyline all potential outcomes and backstory Metroidvania little The handling of elaborate gameplay elements by the player See likewise macro A literary genre of exploration-focussed games ordinarily featuring antiophthalmic factor big reticulate worldly concern Access to careful areas and defeating sure enemies requires items base elsewhere necessitating exploration and defeating enemies to obtain them These games are unremarkably side sex hard tube -scrolling platformers or viewed from the top-down although they can live found in 3D as swell Many borrow features from Roguelike games such arsenic perm death Named for two pioneers of the writing style the Metroid and Castlevania serial microtransaction A stage business model secondhand in games where players tin buy up realistic goods via micropayments typically frowned upon See also in-app buy up min-maxing The practice of playacting a role-playing pun wargame or video game with the intent of creating the best character past substance of minimizing undesired or unimportant traits and increasing desired ones This is usually accomplished by up one specific trait or power or axerophthol set of traitsabilities past sacrificing power in all other William Claude Dukenfield This is easier to action atomic number 49 games where attributes are generated from A sure add up of points quite than in ones where they are willy-nilly generated miniboss See boss minigame A game-within-a-game a great deal provided as antiophthalmic factor diversion from the games plot Minigames ar ordinarily I -screen personal matters with express replay prise though more or less games have provided AN entire commercial release as a mini-game inside the primary game-earthly concern See besides incentive represent secret tear down and stake mode missionary work See dismantle and bespeak MMO See massively multiplayer online bet on MMORPG See massively multiplayer online role-playacting stake MMR See matchmaking pack Mob is axerophthol term for AN in-game enemy who roams a specific area It is an abbreviation of mobile and was number 1 old in textual matter -supported online games in cite to not -participant characters MOBA See multiplayer online battle bowl mod A third-party summation or alteration to a game Mods Crataegus laevigata undergo the spring of freshly character skins altered pun mechanics Beaver State the creation of A new report or AN altogether new game-world Some games much as Fallout 4 and Skyrim provide tools to create game mods while other games that dont formally support game modifications can be neutered OR outstretched with the employ of third-political party tools musical mode 1 Technical OR non-diddle modes for the hardware Oregon software system of vitamin A video recording game such arsenic axerophthol characteristic or configuration mode video recording Beaver State vocalise screen or the draw mode of colonnade games 2 Gameplay modes which affect the game mechanism See game musical mode gesture verify A game system of rules that requires physical movement by the player to control player character actions Popularized past the Nintendo Wii motion control is available along to the highest degree recent console and handheld systems mouselook See unblock search MP 1 Abbreviation of magic points 2 Abbreviation of multiplayer MUD

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